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Wir hatten das Glück mit dem Ausführenden Produzenten Louis Castle und mit dem Storywriter Rick Gush über Email Kontakt aufzunehmen und uns über den aktuellen Entwicklungsstand von Lands of Lore 4 zu informieren. Wie es zur Zeit aussieht, kannst du den Emailausschnitten entnehmen.

(…)Currently, we are not working on another Lands of Lore, but we have saved the pre-production work in the event we decide to purse another title.(…) - Lou

 (…)Unfortunately, we can not release any material from projects that were
 not published so I can't help you with the story or concept art. It
 would be likely that much of that would change in any case should the
 project be started up again. (…) - Lou

(…)We still have no plans to continue the Lands of Lore series.  One day, we may return to Gladstone , but for now it all has to wait. (…) -Lou

(…)Unfortunately, we put Lands of
Lore 4 on hold a while back to focus on our tit-
les that were currently under development. We
have so many great games we would love to
make at Westwood but we simply don't have the
resources to do them all. I'm not certain when we might go back to the Lands of Lore series but
for now we have no plans to make another Lands of Lore. (…) -Lou

(…)I don't think the new race is called dwellings, sure, there are more Gorkas
around, and I do think we wanted to go to a Thomgog country or settlement. (…) -Rick

(...)We'd love to make another LOL, but when Electronic Arts bought Westwood Studios,
they decided to kill the series(...) -Rick

(...)I think it's great how you're keeping the LOL dream alive, and I hope one
day we'll be able to create some new chapters in the story(...) -Rick

Ausführender Produzent Louis Castle
Lands of Lore Storywriter Rick Gush